[Cochlea-amp.] Introducing the Compression Wave Cochlear Amplifier

Matt Flax flatmax at ieee.org
Mon Jul 21 17:38:12 EST 2008

Hi all,

I would like to introduce my version of the Cochlear Amplifier.
It is the Compression Wave Cochlear Amplifier (CW-CA).

Whilst people have published a lot of material proving its existence, no 
one has defined a physiologically based model till now.

The attached article [1] was accepted to the Interspeech 2008 
conference. Due to the limited number of pages, it was not possible to 
publish as much detail as my supervisor (W. Harvey Holmes) and I had 
hoped. We are now in the process of preparing two manuscripts detailing 
the CW-CA (in depth) which will be seeking publication soon in a 

Most of this detail is lifted from my PhD thesis, for which I have just 
received examiner's reports. You can also expect to see the thesis 


[1] @InProceedings{flax:2008b,
  author = 	 {Flax, M.R. and Holmes, W.H.},
  title = 	 {{Introducing the compression wave cochlear amplifier}},
  booktitle = {Conference proceedings: Interspeech 2008},
  year = 	 {2008},
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